The Gatorloop team is proud to announce our cooperation with Ales Tech, an Italian start-up specializing in high performance active suspension systems. The made-in-Italy suspensions, specifically designed for the Hyperloop, will contribute to drastically reducing the pod’s vibrations thereby increasing the performance, safety, and comfort of UF’s vehicle at high speeds.

We've also been fortunate to acquire support and resources from various organizations, both local and international alike. A few of our supporting organizations are listed below. If you're interested in becoming a donor or sponsor please download our sponsorship package and contact Grace at

We have several different packages available for both individual donors and corporate sponsors with perks such as limited edition t-shirts, the opportunity to have your name or company logo displayed with pride on our Gatorloop pod, and even all-access passes to our private team area during the final competition!


You can donate online via our GoFundMe campaign OR through this unique link through the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, which is FEE-FREE for us! That means we get 100% of your donation. 

GoFundMe Supporters
We would like to express special thanks to the following friends and family for supporting our fundraising campaign:

Jose Gomez, The GoFundMe Team, Maria Wroblewski, Eric Fleming, Owen Bartruff, Greg Prysock, Bonnie Rose, Miguel Camargo, Greg Francis, Frank Tingo, Donny Owens, John Mancuso, Derrick Connell, James Rodgers, Caroline Foster, Garrett Koepke, Kenneth Satterthwaite, Helen Proctor, Shawn Clifford, Jim Rodgers, Ben Duncan, Robert Foster, Estefania Chuecos, Kathy McDaniels, Bob Warta, Corey Feldman, Donna Morrison, John Miller, Teresa Chiotti, Larson Family, Luigi Ricard, Susana Yepes, Alex Mazza, Crosby Steen, Alaina Walker, Tammy Duncan, Duane Waber, Samuel Waber

Want to see your name listed here? Please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign by clicking here. We have several reward levels available!

Corporate Discounts & Support
The following companies have shown their support for our mission by providing free, discounted, or at-cost products and services. We would not be able to build our pod without them!

Firgelli Automotive, OnlineMetals, Bodine Electric, Monarch Instruments, Goodyear Tires, Analog Devices, FiberGlass Coatings Inc., Bodi Company, Trenam Law