The Gatorloop Team

Pictured below are our core members, but with a project of this length and complexity there are many other deeply valued members who cycled through and helped us get to where we are today, and new members still coming aboard. We are so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication to this project. 

On our team we have members hailing from 5 different countries, several double majors, the MOST WOMEN of ANY Hyperloop team, multilingual individuals, golf pros, Rubik's cube conquerors, and so many more. Please check out our Facebook page to see more photos and detailed biographies of our fantastic team members!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
African proverb

Captain / Co-Founder


Taylor Waber
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Student Aerospace

Co-Captain / Co-Founder


Ben Duncan
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Co-Captain / Co-Founder


Sebastian Quesada
B.S. Aerospace Engineering


Erica Harp
Mechanical Engineering

Telemetry Lead

Jackson Carroll
Electrical Engineering

Structures Lead

Zachary Smythurst
Aero/Mech Engineering

Safety and Reliability Lead

Terra Gurley
Mechanical Engineering

Power Systems Lead

Surya Chandan Dhulipala
Electrical Engineering

Marketing, PR, & Sponsorship Lead

Grace Everitt
Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Electrical Systems Lead

Jaime Caicedo
Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Systems Lead

Jared Feldman
Aero/Mech Engineering

Manufacturing and Assembly Lead

Gustavo Sanchez
Mechanical Engineering

Sensors Lead

Matt Ford
Electrical Engineering

Systems Integration Lead

Matison Whillans
Mechanical Engineering

Gabriel Tenaglia, Mechanical Systems