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What is Gatorloop?

Gatorloop is here to change how we think about our daily commutes, international trade, long-distance travels, and how we can make them fast...

...really fast.

Gatorloop is the University of Florida's entry into the Hyperloop competition sponsored by SpaceX

Our team consists of design-oriented engineering, STEM, and business students working together to create the most functional, cost-effective, and scalable Hyperloop pod system right here in our home state of Florida.



the concept

The Big Picture

Here’s The Current State of Privatized Hyperloop Tech, Per Hyperloop One

the future of transportation

About Hyperloop

Hyperloop is a disruptive and completely revolutionary high-speed transportation system proposed by SpaceX and founder Elon Musk. The concept consists of a train-like pod traveling in a low-pressure vaccuum tube. This technology is designed to be incredibly fast -- up to 750 mph, turning a 6-hour commute into a 30-minute ride. Powered by renewable energy, Hyperloop is both fast and eco-friendly. 

Major companies like Virgin Group Ltd., Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and Hyperloop One have already began massive research and development, and are already making multi-billion dollar investments into their private projects to bring the technology to market.



Hawthorne, california

How does the competition work?

The competition focuses on the design of the transport pod itself. Out of 1500 teams competing worldwide our first year, we were one of the 22 teams to make it through to the final round! On January 2017, we traveled out to SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA, to perform tests on our pod. This past year, we were one of the 47 teams who have made it through to the Final Design Stage. For 2018-2019, our goal is to make it to the top 3.



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